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One of the biggest losses that I experienced when I started cutting out wheat from my diet was in the desserts category.

The good news is that you can make great desserts while remaining wheat- or gluten-free.

These deserts are also milk-free. So many people have a problem with milk, that it is well worth making desserts that are both gluten-free and milk-free.

Actually, for years I would find that I always succumbed to the temptation of desserts, only to feel poorly afterwards, thus ruining a good meal.

I now realize that there are several reasons for this:

You might wonder why I did not add gluten and wheat to the list. The reason is three-fold: firstly, wheat does not begin to effect me for about 24 hours. But since I did not know about gluten being a problem, my diet was full of wheat, so I always felt lousy from gluten anyhow. And finally, there was a good chance that the main meal had wheat in it somewhere.

These recipes are suitable for a gluten-free, wheat-free, milk-free and low-sugar diet.

When I say low-sugar, I do not mean boring. Mostly I mean an absence of refined sugar, and a reduction in alternative forms of sugar.

As you cut down on your sugar intake, you will find that you don’t miss it and that you can taste the food better. You will also feel much better.

Sugar should not be replaced with artificial sweeter. That stuff is crap and should be banned. Reduce it or cut it out, but don’t replace sugar with artificial junk.

List of Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes

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