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Gluten Free Restaurants Toronto

by Allergy Guy

Gluten free restaurants in Toronto.  This section lists restaurants that have a reliable section of gluten free dishes.

More and more restaurants are gluten-aware, but not all restaurants really get it, and some have more choices of gluten-free food than others.  If you have celiac disease or a gluten allergy, you need to know where to go and where to avoid.

This list of  restaurants has been started with places I have personally ate at.  I don’t like all of them.  I will tell you what I like and what I don’t like.

They do not necessarily cater to the gluten free diet.  I indicate how easy or difficult it is to get gluten-free food from them.  There is some risk to your gluten free diet at restaurants that do not cater specifically to the gluten-free diet.

I will tell you which are good for a gluten free diet, and which are not.  I will also give you my opinion of the food quality. If I have not personally eaten at a restaurant, it is marked with an asterisk.

Feel free to make your own suggestions: leave a comment with your favourite gluten-free restaurants, and I’ll check them out.

Click on the following list to get more details about a specific restaurant.

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