Allergy News Letter March 2008 | Allergy

Allergy News Letter March 2008

by Allergy Guy

This month’s allergy newsletter is mostly about food. Corn
for example, but did you know that corn is used for much
more than just eating?

Chocolate is a wonderful food. If you have a milk allergy,
read the article about chocolate before you assume that all
dark chocolate is safe.

Baking without gluten can be a real challenge, especially
in getting the right consistency. We have an article here
to help you achieve gluten-free baking success!

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comments. Provide your feedback to the author and share
your opinions and experiences with other readers!

You are most welcome to submit articles for potential
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Table of Contents

Is Dark Chocolate Really Dairy-Free?

Finding milk Free Chocolate or chocolate free of many of
the food allergens can be a challenging. Most dairy free
chocolate is not made on dairy free lines for instance.
There is however specialty brands that market their
products toward the allergic consumer. These products are
mostly available on line and in health food stores.

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Successful Baking Without Gluten


Gluten is the protein in flour which gives the dough
elasticity and strength. Learning to bake gluten free can
be a challenge but once you know which flours work well you
will be able to adapt your own recipes and make new ones
that will tempt and please your palate as well as your
family and guests.

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The Corn Allergy Mine Field


People who are allergic to corn need to avoid more than
corn on the cob. However it is difficult to avoid corn, in
part because it is an uncommon allergy, so it is often not
clearly labeled on ingredient lists. Another reason corn
is hard to avoid is that it is in so many foods. It is
also in many non-food products.

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Allergy Medication May Effect Your Mental Health


Allergy medications are designed to mask the symptoms of
allergies. Certain allergy medications can may cause
significant risk to your mental health, according to the

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Allergy News Letter March 2008

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by Allergy Details.

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