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Gluten-Free Lunch

by Allergy Guy

It seems to me that one of the best ways to keep wheat and gluten out of the kitchen is to make lunch myself. That way, no one else decides to make something with bread or toast and leave crumbs all over the damn place!

I have trained some members of my family to only work with bread in one obscure corner of the counter, and the toaster is on another little counter that is used for nothing other than the telephone, answering machine, and piles of maliciousness papers.

This is a help, but when certain people start handling bread, I get nervous.

How can I be sure that gluten-infested wheat crumbs won’t end up in the butter, the jam, or any other condiments or toppings?

To tell you the truth, I keep my own supply of jam hidden at the back of the fridge. If someone finds it and places it elsewhere in the fridge, I stop having jam until I feel like opening another jar.

This hasn’t happened in a while now, because I’ve been avoiding sugar almost completely … but the same principle applies to cheese and other food items.

Then there is the crumbs on the table issue. It makes me nervous. They could end up anywhere, and eventually, they could end up inside me, and that would ruin my whole week.

Once my gluten allergy kicks in, I’m stuck with the symptoms for weeks, so a healthy dose of paranoia goes a long way in keeping me healthy if you ask me.

So the time spent making lunch really is an excellent investment, besides a contribution to running the household.

List of Gluten-Free Lunch Recipes

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