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Allergy News Letter February 2008

by Allergy Guy

This month’s allergy newsletter covers a variety of topics, from meat allergies to indoor air quality.

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Table of Contents


Environmental Sensitivities – a Definition

Many people have reactions to common substances in our
environment, even in tiny amounts that most people don’t
notice. The effect of environmental sensitivities can be
overwhelming. Productive people may suddenly or gradually
become unable to tolerate offices, homes, schools,
hospitals and public places.

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Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality can greatly affect your health. Find out
how to improve indoor air quality for a healthier life.

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Meat Allergies

Avoiding certain meats may be complicated if you are
extremely sensitive, for instance, even certified vegan
products can be made on the same line as meat and milk

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Milk – Hidden Sources

Everything from egg substitute to artificial sweeteners can
contain milk. Some artificial sweeteners are made with
milk components that may or may not cause a reaction, as
the amount of milk protein is so small.

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Allergy News Letter February 2008


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