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Ruby Watch Co Restaurant Review

by Allergy Guy

Ruby Watch Co is an interesting restaurant with great food, but the menu may not have many gluten free options. If you avoid gluten, you should still check it out, here’s why.

The restaurant has a different menu every night, a fixed menu with four courses. The main course often has a second more expensive option. Each course can optionally be served with specific wine pairings.

Here’s the good news: the food is absolutely fantastic! Even better, the chefs are willing to adjust the dish to suit a special diet. Mine was modified only slightly, and unlike other experiences I’ve had elsewhere (“We’ll just hold the sauce”; “Then it won’t really be very interesting, what’s the point?”), I didn’t feel like I was missing a thing with the slightly re-rigged food.

We opted for the wine pairing. This was a great way to go. There was a different wine for each course, and each wine was delicious and complemented the food very nicely. If you want wine, I highly recommend taking the wine pairing option rather than just ordering a bottle or two off of the extensive wine menu.

The staff are more than courteous and efficient, they are fun too.

I really enjoyed the food here and felt confident that my gluten allergy symptoms would not be triggered. Highly recommended.

Have you eaten at the Ruby Watch Co on a gluten-free diet? What was your experience? Please leave a comment.

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