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Gluten Allergy Avoided At Chez Piggy

by Allergy Guy

My gluten allergy keeps me on my guard at restaurants, which often ruins the experience.

My visit to Chez Piggy in Kingston, Ontario, was a wonderfully relaxed experience.

Chez Piggy did not know I would review them, in fact, neither did I until I realized how great they are at catering to anyone with a gluten allergy, celiac disease, or any other allergy for that matter.Chez Piggy is probably the most allergy-aware restaurant I’ve ever been in.  Some restaurants cater exclusively to the gluten-free diet, which is another matter altogether, but this restaurant is just generally allergy-friendly.

Firstly, our server showed genuine concern, which is always a great start.  She gave me a general idea of which dishes to avoid.  I chose a few I was interested in, and she gave me more detailed information about them.

Usually, servers either just “know” what might be suitable for my gluten allergy, or they go to the kitchen to ask more about the ingredients.  At Chez Piggy, our server had a sheath of papers with the ingredients in every single dish on the menu!  Now that impressed me.  She was able to tell me right away what to avoid, and what modifications might make some dishes gluten free.

I chose the ostrich steak, which was one of the most unusual things on the menu and not something I see or have the chance to eat every day!  It was excellent.

Another nice surprise was having several gluten-free dessert choices.  There were several to choose from, and good choices too!  Like many who avoid gluten, I must avoid milk as well, so ice cream doesn’t work (some ice cream has wheat in it, so this isn’t necessarily a safe choice in any case).

I chose chocolate mousse which was both milk-free and gluten free.

Chez Piggy is not cheap.  If you want to splurge in Kingston Ontario, and you have allergies, it is an excellent choice.  You can relax knowing they will take care of you and your allergies. I was very pleased about how they helped stay gluten-free.

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