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Gluten-Free Diet

by Allergy Guy

A gluten-free diet means that you must avoid all gluten at all times for health reasons.

The following people must follow a gluten-free diet:

Foods with gluten in them include wheat, barley and rye. Most people avoid oats as well due to cross-contamination issues.

A wheat-free diet will eliminate most of the gluten from your food, but not all. Barley is a second important ingredient to avoid.

Staying on a gluten-free diet may seem challenging. Actually, there is a great deal of gluten-free food available. Most of it is not specialty, in other words, you can eat well without buying only specially marked food.

Specially marked food is helpful though for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it inspires confidence.

For another, this can guide you towards substitutes for foods that are almost always made of wheat, for example bread and pasta.

Food from on-Western countries can be a great way of discovering new non-wheat, non-gluten food starch ingredients.

There is also plenty of wheat-free, gluten-free food in the Western diet, including meat, dairy and vegetables, and starches like corn and potatoes.

There are many articles on this website to help you navigate a gluten-free diet.

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1 Arden Katz June 23, 2010 at 15:20


I have been on a gf diet for 8 plus yrs. Just started recently eating gf oats and noticed problems. I am convinced that oats, even though clearly marked on the box gf oats, can’t be considered gluten free because of the oat’s gluten.


2 Allergy Guy June 25, 2010 at 12:43

I think you have discovered what many suspect: oats are not really gluten free.

Oats do contain gluten. The debate is over how similar oat gluten is to wheat gluten.

Clearly they are close enough to trigger an obvious reaction in you.

Celiacs and take note: you may not feel the effects of oat gluten, but it could trigger celiac-related complications.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Arden


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