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Spice Indian Cuisine Restaurant Review

by Allergy Guy

I had to feed by gluten allergy in Barry, Ontario the other day. India is usually a pretty good bet so I checked out the Spice Indian Cuisine & Wine Bar.

At first I wasn’t sure if the waitress really understood, but she got the manager, who was very conscientious about making sure my meal was gluten-free.

We ordered lamb korma, Goan fish curry and Dal. Normally they bread the fish but the manager made sure the fish was kept away from wheat and that the grill was cleaned before frying it.

The food was very good, I had a high confidence that it would not trigger my gluten allergy, and didn’t have any after-effects.

We also had a mango lassi, and it was one of the best lassi I’d had in a long time. Usually the yogourt is cut with milk, but this one tasted like yogourt only was used. Very tasty.

I had a good experience here and I recommend Spice Indian Cuisine if you are in Barry, looking for Indian food.

Have you eaten here on a gluten free diet? What was your experience? Please leave a comment.

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