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Gluten Free Diet at QQ Sushi, Lindsay Ontario

by Allergy Guy

Your gluten free diet can be followed in Lindsay, Ontario at QQ Sushi, as long as you follow a few guidelines, as described in this article.

The basic menu is pretty much typical all-you-can-eat sushi, and the quality is pretty good.  Most choices are safe, but I will describe what to avoid.Sushi is basically raw fish and rice, although variations include raw fish without rice, and some cooked fish and other dishes such as egg.

As always, avoid tempura, which is deep-fried wheat.  There are few such items on the menu.  Also, avoid crab. “Crab” is almost always actually fake, made from starch of some kind – often wheat and therefor not gluten free – and some sort of cheap fish plus red food colouring.  Avoid eel, which is marinated in soy sauce.

Sushi goes very well with wasabi, a hot horseradish sauce, and soy sauce.  Unfortunately, soy sauce is made with wheat, and few sushi places carry gluten-free tamari, which is similar to soy sauce.  You should always bring your own soy sauce.  I did not ask at QQ sushi if they have gluten-free soy sauce but suspect that they do not.  I just used my own.

Over all, QQ sushi has good food in an all-you-can-eat format, and most choices are gluten-free.

What is your experience with eating at QQ Sushi on a gluten free diet?  Please leave a comment.

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