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Gluten Free Diet at East Side Mario’s Restaurant

by Allergy Guy

Need photo of GF menu

Gluten-free options are available on East Side Mario’s special gluten-free menu.  But not all locations carry a full menu, and not all staff are properly trained, so you’ll have to be careful with this one.

The full gluten free menu at East Side Mario’s is pretty good.  There are more options than a number of other chain-restaurants with GF options.  But results vary by location.

Full Gluten-Free Menu

Every East Side Mario’s but one that I’ve been to has a two-sided gluten-free menu with a variety of  GF options to choose from, including a variety of pasta dishes.  The food is pretty good for a chain restaurant, and it has one of the more varied gluten free menus that I’ve seen.  When feeling too lazy and hungry to search for other options in a smallish town recently, I was able to visit East Side Mario’s repeatedly and have a different meal each time.

Reduced Gluten-Free Menu

Some locations have a reduced GF menu.  These locations are very poor and may as well not have a GF menu at all.  They have no rice, gluten free pasta, or other carbohydrate options.  At one location in Sudbury, I ordered a salad, and reminded them “no croutons”.  The untrained wait staff didn’t twig, and I found a crouton at the bottom of my salad.  Apparently they have a different system for gluten-free salad, had the message been properly transmitted.  I was not pleased.  They did at least comp the meal.  I was at least reminded to alert wait staff by telling them “allergy alert” in future, and I now do that at all restaurants.

What is your experience with the gluten free menu at East Side Mario’s?  Please leave a comment.

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