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Controlling Allergy Symptoms and Feeling Normal

by Allergy Guy

Controlling Allergy symptoms could be summarized as making you feel normal again.  How do you feel normal again when you discover your allergies?

The idea for this article came from Daniel, who writes:

I have been suffering from bad health for as long as I can remember. Lately I have been CRYING to my Dr to try and help me. I have has sever ringing in ears, loss of hearing, loss of memory, feelings like bugs are crawling out of my ears, weird vision. depression… and so on. YOU NAME IT. I could never put a finger on it and knew i would just confuse any Dr with all my random symptoms.I had an allergy test yesterday. I am allergic to 8 trees, 5 weeds, all species of grass, SOIL!, beef, barley, rice, dust mites. I think that’s it?

I think this has been my health issues. I consume rice,beef and barley everyday…..

How can I be clean of all this to feel normal again??

Here is my advice:

Hi Daniel,
With a long list of allergies like that you may not be able to avoid 100% of everything, but you should be able to do OK with food, and do your best with the rest.  The good news is that the more you reduce your allergy load, the better you are likely to feel.
Regarding food allergies, you need to know what to avoid, but you also need to know what you can eat or every meal will be stressful and you’ll go crazy.  So list all the ingredients you are allergic to, then all the foods that you might eat that contain those ingredients.

The next step is more important, and actually, you may want to do this first.  List ingredients you can eat, and then start listing foods with those ingredients, but without the foods on the no-go list.  This is easier if you cook for yourself, but if you buy prepared foods, start reading labels in the grocery store and make a list.  Yes, this will take a while at first, but you will slowly build up a list of safe foods.

As for the others, trees, weeds etc., keep your windows closed and put your car ventilation on ‘recirculate’ as much as possible during allergy season.  Get a HEPA filter, ideally for your furnace if you have central air, or at least recirculating air filters in the rooms you spend most of your time in.

I hope you find this advice useful.  Any readers that want to add to the advice can leave a comment, as can anyone with more questions.

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