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Allergy Symptom – Sleep in Eyes

by Allergy Guy

I’ve been suffering from the flu for the past few days. I am reminded that many allergy symptoms are similar to flu symptoms.

One particular symptom I’ve been having with this bout of flu is gummy eyes. At times, my eye-lashes have been all but glued together, especially when I am asleep.

Now I remember: before I got my allergies under control, I had this all the time, although less severe. Part of waking up was “sleep in my eyes”, little hard bits of goop stuck to my eye-lashes and around my eyes.

I’ve not experienced that allergy symptom in years. I’d forgotten all about it.

This leads me to believe that perhaps having sleep in your eyes is not normal. Maybe it means there is too much dust or mold in your environment.

To tell you the truth, it has been so long since I regularly had this allergy symptom, that I forget what caused it.

Not that knowing what caused it in me would help you to connect the symptom to the allergy. Symptoms vary between people for the same allergy.

Just keep in mind that if you do have sleep in your eyes when you get out of bed in the morning, and along with that if you feel groggy and really not quite human when you first get up, suspect a air-borne allergy.

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