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Barely Allergy – Avoiding Barely

by Allergy Guy

If you have a barely allergy, especially if you are not GF, you may find it hard to avoid barely, or it may be in some of the foods you eat without you knowing.

Here are some tips on avoiding barely from one of our visitors.Jerad Reay says:

I have found out I was allergic to barley, but not wheat, over a year ago. I must say you have to be VERY careful as some ingredient lists only have “unbleached flour” and they include barley malt in them. I will tell you a few things I have found.

I live in Utah and there are a couple of bread manufactures that do not use the barley malt, they use a potato starch instead I have reached out to them to ask as they are in state. As for a national brand SOME of the Nature’s Pride Wheat bread/buns are without malt, you just have to read the fine print.

I have the habit to check it each time I purchase it as some Sara Lee that was safe started adding the barley malt. So my personal rule is if I don’t know, I avoid it. I have found if it the product has malt anywhere in the ingredient list avoid it as 99% of malt is barley.

Not to get that confused with maltodextrin. If the product was made in the US it has to say “maltodextin from wheat/barley” if it is not made from corn as from a FDA ruling. But be aware if it is an imported product.

The final thing I would recommend is if it says Gluten Free it is not nessarly barley free. Some manufactures (especially in beer) remove the gluten and leave other parts of the barley (that I am allergic to) in the product.

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1 Dani S August 28, 2015 at 14:08

So then what bread do you love that doesn’t contain barley or malt. I’m allergic to barley and I’m having a hard time with finding cereals, granola bars, train mixes, breads etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the best


2 Melissa January 7, 2018 at 10:07

If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, I really like their Sprouted Whole Wheat bread. It contains no barley or sugar (sweetened with dates). I am sensitive to barley, corn and sugar and have found this to be one of the very few breads I can eat without any reaction. Good luck! I hope that helps!


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