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Asthma food triggers, how do you find them?

by Allergy Guy

Asthma can have a variety of triggers, including food.  Asthma food triggers, how do you find them?  Here is one method.

Staajabu left this comment on the article about asthma and gluten/wheat.  Many people find that gluten/wheat either triggers or causes asthma.  Actually, it is hard to know which it is: does gluten trigger the asthma, or do other allergens such as dust trigger the asthma, but only when eating gluten or wheat?  Is this a kind of gluten allergy, or more like celiac disease?  In any case, cutting out gluten helps many people eliminate or reduce asthma, but what if this doesn’t help you?  What if some other food is the cause?  Read on to find out more.I diagnosed myself some years ago (1992) after seeking help for acute chronic asthma, being rushed to emergency three times, using a nebulizer twice a day and taking pregnisone for years.

I read a book about food, allergies and asthma. I did as they suggested and fasted for 3 days drinking only non-acidic juices and water. Keeping a journal, at the end of the 3-days, the book instructed to introduce one food at a time back into my diet using the foods I ate most frequently first, then waiting at least an hour before ingesting another food.

After eating brown rice, tuna, applesauce, spinach, tomatoes and raw carrots for three days I had no episodes. On the evening of the third day I made a pita pocket using brown rice, tuna, spinach, tomatoes and a half a whole wheat pita. In 20 minutes I was wheezing and had to use my inhaler.

I did not want to believe it was the pita but eventually I found I had a definite gluten sensitivity. Whenever I ingested wheat, oats, or bran in any form, even in soy sauce, it triggered my asthma. This was in 1992.

I’m now gluten free and have not used my inhalers or taken any asthma medication except once or twice during a severe cold or during abnormally high allergy seasons. Even my usually debilitating seasonal allergy symptoms lessened which I had suffered with since I was a child.

When I told my doctors at the VA, they did not believe me because they had no knowledge of the link between the two and were only interested in treating the symptoms. I’m so glad I found your site. I was beginning to think I was the only one. I’ve suggested a gluten free diet to other asthmatics, but they look at me like I’ve lost my mind.

Peace, Staajabu

Well, Staajabu, send your friends here, especially the original article you found (link at top of page) and they will see lots of people find a link between gluten and asthma!  As for many doctors, they’re hopeless cases I’m afraid, but some do get it.

Have you tried an elimination diet to discover your asthma triggers?  What did you find?  Was there a gluten link?  Leave a comment with your thoughts and questions.

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