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Food Allergies Coorelate to Asthma

by Allergy Guy

People with asthma have food allergies more often than you might expect.  This may help you to manage asthma.

I both anecdotal evidence collected on this website which you will find encouraging, and statistical evidence for those who prefer a more scientific foundation to managing their asthma.

Most people with asthma know that air-borne allergens such as dust, mold and pet dander can trigger their asthma.  Avoiding pets and carpets, along with good housekeeping help to reduce asthma attacks.  But is that the whole story when it comes to asthma triggers?

It turns out that food plays a big role, much bigger than you might expect.  In the related article Wheat, Gluten and Asthma,well over 200 people have left comments saying that they used to have asthma, but have seen symptoms reduce or even disappear by eliminating gluten from their diet.

It would be a mistake to assume that everyone with asthma will be ‘cured’ by simply going on a gluten-free diet.  But there are a couple of important lessons here: first, that food allergies can play a big part in triggering asthma, and second, that a gluten-free diet might help (only if you have a gluten allergy).

What some people have found, especially for Wheat-Dependent Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis, is that by eliminating the allergy-causing food, in this case wheat or gluten, well known triggers, in this case exercise, either no longer cause an asthma attack, or have much reduced severity.

Now take a look at this chart from the Center for Disease Control.  You can see that people with asthma (this chart is for children) are much more likely to have food allergies than not.


Food allergies correlate to Asthma

If you have asthma, you should definitely explore what food allergies you may have.

What is your experience with asthma and food allergies?  Please leave a a comment.


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