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Gluten-free pies

by Allergy Guy

Pies make such excellent desserts that they deserve a whole section on their own.

They are versatile. Come to think of it, there can be savoury pies for the main course, but that will go in a separate section if ever such a section appears on this website.

Making a yeast-free pie is easy. Pies don’t need to have milk either.

The challenge is in making a gluten-free pie. Typical pie crusts use wheat. With the unique characteristics of wheat gluten, it is hard to replace the crust with a wheat-free version that has the same characteristics.

The pie filling, well that’s pretty easy again. For the sake of completeness, this section has fillings as well.

Gluten-free pie crusts are in a separate section. This is partly because I am experimenting with various types of wheat-free pie crust, so I expect there will be quite a few variations by the time I’m done.

Also, you could take pretty much any wheat-free pie crust and add any gluten-free pie filling and you’d be fine, so that’s another reason for having separate sections.

Gluten Free Pie Crusts

Gluten Free Pie Fillings

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