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Gluten-Free Kitchen in Your Hotel – Tips

by Allergy Guy

The best way to stay healthy and gluten-free when you travel is to bring and prepare your own food.

Best maybe, but not always the easiest. But if you have allergies, you must find a way.

I have talked about setting up your own gluten-free kitchen in any hotel before.

One of the key requirements for this mobile gluten-free kitchen is a hot-plate.

I always had the feeling though, that the hotel management would not be impressed with having such equipment in their hotel rooms, or with guests preparing their own food.

As a precaution, I always put away all signs of cooking and food before leaving the hotel room.

One time though, I forgot.

When I returned to the room, the hot-plate was gone, and in its place was a note explaining that hotel policy forbids the use of stoves in the room. They explained that they would return my hot-plate when I checked out of the hotel.

I was able to negotiate for immediate repossession of the stove, based on my special dietary requirements, and the fact that they nearly poisoned me in the restaurant the previous night (no kidding!).

I do suggest though, that if you are maintaining your gluten-free diet by cooking in your hotel room, that you hide the evidence!

NOTE: Hot-plates can be dangerous. Improper use could cause a fire. If you choose to use one in your hotel room, it is your responsibility the hotel and other guests that you play it safe. Keep an eye on the stove at all times. If you leave the stove plugged in, or worse on, then you are putting other’s at risk.

Gluten-Free Cooking in Hotels – What is Your Experience?

You are welcome to leave your comments about staying gluten-free in hotels. Do you bring your own food? Have you ever tried cooking with your own stove and pots in a hotel? Ever thought you might?

I invite you to share your stories and experiences with other readers!

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