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Gluten Allergy and Toasters

by Allergy Guy

So, you have your gluten-free bread, and now you want to make toast.

Is putting it in a toaster the best solution?

A toaster is a great way of turning bread into toast, but watch out for cross-contamination!

If you use the same toaster that everyone else uses for their wheat-based bread, then you are asking for trouble.

There are two safe solutions.

One is to simply have a separate toaster that is kept absolutely free from wheat – i.e. all bread that is not free of gluten.

This is a good and convenient solution.

Be sure to clearly mark the toaster as gluten-free. If there is any chance that this sign might be ignored, then store the toaster well away from your wheat-consuming friends and family when it is not being used to toast your own gluten-free bread.

If you only make toast occasionally, you can use a frying pan to toast your gluten-free bread.

This works reasonably well, although not as well as a toaster, and you have to baby-sit the bread, which is not convenient. It is actually the method I use since I so rarely eat toast.

The main thing is never to put your gluten-free/wheat-free bread anywhere near a gluten- or wheat-contaminated source.

Also, watch out for other potential causes of cross-contamination such as tongs/toast-tweezers, and toast-cooling racks.

These items could be shared if properly washed after use with wheat-based bread. The problem with this approach is that you may forget, or depend on others who may overlook this step.

Again, it may be better to use your own implements when handling your gluten-free toast.

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1 admin March 6, 2008 at 14:15

How healthy is plastic?

My main concern with the toaster bags is that they are made of plastic, and hot plastic is not healthy.

Certainly they are convenient for travelling. Personally, I’d rather do without toast when on the road.

You might argue that putting plastic in the microwave is OK, so why not the toaster?

For one thing, the heat is more intense in a toaster.

For another, I don’t think it is healthy to heat food in plastic, period. (Health hint: use a glass dish instead).


2 teeyai555 March 5, 2008 at 00:52

I agree with you that use

I agree with you that use your own implements when handling your gluten-free toast, not share. I have 2 toasters, one for me and another for share my family and friends.


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