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Celiac Question and Gluten

by Allergy Guy

The following question is about whether a specific symptom indicates celiac disease. Because the symptoms come and go under specific conditions, this question is very instructive.

Linda asks:

How soon is the onset of diarrhea if your allergic to gluten and eat it?? I have a daughter’n’law who thinks all of her children have the celiac disease. I’m not convinced. As when they spend the nite or days here and I give them gluten I don’t see any diarrhea but when they go home the next day I get a call that one or all had diarrhea all nite. It happened again although this time I know I didn’t feed them gluten Can you help me??
Thanks Linda

Doug’s Allergy Answer…

Note: This is my opinion and is not to be taken as qualified medical advice.

You ask an excellent question, Linda.

Specific symptoms, and the length of time that they appear can vary from one person to another. Further more, celiac-like symptoms do not guarantee celiac disease is the cause.

Here are just a few other things that can cause diarrhea:

  • Stress
  • Allergies to various foods
  • Water-borne bacteria
  • Lactose intolerance (inability to digest milk)
  • A big change in diet (even from one healthy diet to another)

See the list of links at the bottom of this article to find out more about celiac disease. If you suspect your grandchildren may celiac, then they must be tested by a doctor to find out for sure. There really is no other way that I know of, and I am not quick to suggest the mainstream medical solution for everything, far from it.

Now you can eliminate all gluten to see if that clears up symptoms, but this is easier said than done. Wheat is in so many things, you might think you are cutting out all gluten by avoiding bread and pasta, only to discover that you were getting it in your soup and potato chips!

Because celiac is a serious disease, you really do need to look in to it if the symptoms (i.e. more than just diarrhea) suggest this might be the problem.

Also look into other allergies, especially food and mold.

I hope this helps!

Comments welcome if anyone has further advice or for elaboration.

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1 Rick January 11, 2013 at 00:37

I was really offended by this “I know I didn’t”s question. She’s not convinced about her daughter-in-law’s belief, so she experiments on her grandchildren, and forces her daughter-in-law to deal with the fall-out. Good way to alienate your family. I’d be willing to bet that “I know I didn’t” didn’t know what to look for in food labels either.


2 Jim December 22, 2007 at 23:24

gluten intolerance

Hi Doug
I read Linda’s comment and had to respond, if her grandchildren are gluten intolerant at all, not full blown celiac then they will get diarrhea the next day. The more times this happens the worse it gets.
It is impossible for a non believer to eliminate gluten, so when she says she did not give them any, she is most likely wrong. My wife is 54 and we were at a Christmas dinner and the breast meat had enough gluten from the stuffing INSIDE to cause her a lot of problems and she is not yet a full blown celiac.
It is almost impossible for those of us who are convinced 100% to keep gluten out of our diet.
Tell grandma Linda to try to help her grandchildren, not blame her daughter-in-law and make her grandchildren sicker. She is poisoning them.
Jim – http://www.imjgroup.com


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