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What Foods Are Gluten Free

by Allergy Guy

What foods are gluten free?  This article provides answers and resources.  You need to know this if you are celiac or have a gluten allergy.

There are many ways to discuss what foods are gluten free.  For example, we can look at basic ingredients (easy), specialty gluten free products (safe), restaurants (difficult), prepared foods (difficult).  These are all useful ways to find gluten free food.You must also know what you must avoid.  Other articles on this website talk about avoidance.  It is essential to know what to avoid.  Equally, you need to remain positive  and look at what you can eat.

What Food Are Gluten Free – Basic Ingredients

Gluten free basic ingredients are generally easy to determine.  Fruit, vegetables, meat, legumes, and many grains are naturally gluten-free.  See Gluten Free Foods for Gluten Allergy and Celiac for a growing list of gluten free foods.

You need to look more carefully at some ingredients, that while basic, are actually prepared foods.  For example, baking powder could have gluten in it.  Most brands in most countries have likely eliminated any gluten-containing ingredients in such ingredients, but you must always check ingredients to be sure.

What Food Are Gluten Free – Specialty Gluten Free Products

With the growing popularity of the gluten free diet, more and more companies are manufacturing gluten free products.  On the whole, this is good news if you have a gluten allergy.  On the other hand, it means that if you are gluten-free, you can eat junk food and ruin your health, just like everyone else.

Look out for gluten free products at health food stores, super markets, and anywhere that sells food.  Every time I look, I discover new foods, and more and more stores are selling them.

What Food Are Gluten Free – Restaurants

Restaurants can be tricky.  There is a very small number of restaurants specializing in gluten free food.  I personally have yet to eat at one, but I will tell you when I do.  There are quite a few restaurants that have special gluten-free menus.  This is a big help if you have celiac disease.  Servers, cooks and chefs who are gluten-aware is becoming common-place, but is not yet universal.  Always question them carefully to make sure they really understand the ins and outs of gluten-free.  Some talk as if they do but don’t.  Some try but just don’t know enough to protect you. Some are clueless.  Ask lots of questions and leave if you’re not comfortable.

What Food Are Gluten Free – Prepared Foods

Wheat is a cheap ingredient so many prepared foods use it – either as a primary ingredient, or as an additive, it can be in almost anything from pizza (obviously) to potato chips (Seriously?  Yes!  Who would have thought!).

When it comes to prepared foods that are not specifically gluten-free, it helps to be a bit pessimistic so you won’t be disappointed, but also be hopeful, because there are some prepared foods that are gluten-free.

Not all potato chips have gluten in them – most don’t, but you always need to check.  Check different brands, also different flavors.  This is true of any prepared food that you discover to be gluten-free.

This article is a bit general.  There are many detailed articles on this site and others on the web that are more specific.  Your own common sense goes a long way too.

What is your experience ?  Leave a comment and share your knowledge or ask a question about gluten free foods.

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