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Gluten Free Foods – Fish (List of Round Fish – 1)

by Allergy Guy

A gluten free diet may feel restrictive but there are many gluten free foods you can eat.  Here is more about fish which make great gluten free meals.

A previous article entitled Gluten Free Foods – List of Flat Fish makes a start at listing the many types of fish to choose from.  Even after this mini-series of fish is complete, you will probably find that there are types of fish not listed here.

Once you get past the fast that you must avoid certain foods, you will find that there are many more foods on the gluten free diet – can eat list.

This list of round fish comes in three parts.  This is the first part.

If you think of fish as the starting point for a gluten-free meal, then add some carbohydrates like rice and some vegetables, you will find yourself with an excellent meal, perfect for those with a gluten allergy or with celiac disease.  Those without these conditions will  not feel they are missing out by avoiding gluten.

Round Fish

Round fish are what we usually think of when we think of fish.  Unlike flat fish (see Gluten Free Foods – List of Flat Fish) which swim with one sided down and the other side up, round fish swim in what we think of as normal orientation for a fish.

This list will focus on fish of the sea.  We’ll cover fresh water fish in a separate article.

List of Round Fish

Sea Bass

Sea bass are a very fine fish, varying in size from 1 to 7 kg, although the larger fish are less often seen in stores.  Expect fewer bones than the average fish.  They live near the shore of the coasts of Britain and the Mediterranean.

Available year round, the are best in the spring or summer.  Wild-caught are the best, farmed are still good and cheaper.

You can grill, bake, poach, pan-fry or steam sea bass.  The meat holds together well.

Sea Bream

Sea bream is a family of fish with over 200 species.  They live in warm coastal waters.  Some people think that royal bream (or gilt-head bream) is the best of of the sea bream.

There is a lot of wastage with sea bream, so if you buy them whole, make sure you account for this.  Otherwise buy fillets so you know exactly how much meat you are getting.

Be sure to remove the scales before cooking.  Like sea bass, you can cook this fish in a variety of ways.  Do score the flesh in several places if grilling or baking so that the fish cooks evenly.  This fish works well with spicy flavoring.  Also good for sushi.


This fish has a number of names, including robin, piper and gurnet.  They have firm white flesh but are rather bland and bony.  This at least makes them cheap.

They are usually sold whole. Ask the store to remove the spines and skin or you will have to do it.

Small ones can be made into soup.  You’ll have a job removing the bones.  Large fish can be baked.  A stuffing will liven up the meal.  Again, watch out for bones.

Scorpion Fish

Scorpion fish live in the Mediterranean, off North Africa, and areas of the less cold Atlantic .  A 2kg whole fish will serve four people.

Gluten Free Diet, Lots of Fish

A gluten free diet is less restrictive than you think.

This is just a small part of the complete series about fish.  And all the articles together about fish are just a small part of the larger series on gluten free food.

Real the rest of the series about fish if you want more gluten-free fish ideas, and of course the gluten free food series is growing with more and more ideas for your gluten free diet.

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