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Is Your Allergy Medication Driving You Over The Edge?

by Allergy Guy

Many people who suffer from allergies take allergy medication of one sort or another
to alleviate symptoms. Like many if not most drugs, the side-effects can be bad,
and even worse than the symptoms of the original “illness”.

Preliminary results by the FDA indicates that Singulair in particular can lead
to suicidal thoughts and suicide.

According to the FDA, Singulair, Merck & Co, Inc., has updated the prescribing
information and patient information for Singulair to include the following post-marketing
adverse events: tremor (March 2007), depression (April 2007), suicidality (suicidal
thinking and behavior) (October 2007), and anxiousness (February 2008).

I suggest managing allergy triggers rather than symptoms. Take steps to reduce
dust, mold, and other allergens in your home.

Monitor your emotional and mental health. If you notice even slight depression,
consider alternatives to the medication you are taking.

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