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Sleep Deprivation

by Allergy Guy

For some, myself included, sleep deprivation and allergy symptoms go hand-in-hand.

Lack of sleep is a common complaint. Besides the direct symptoms caused by allergies, lack of sleep, caused by allergy symptoms, causes fatigue. The more fatigued you get, the more stressed you become, which affects your sleep … etc.

Here is what Muriella’s Corner has to say about sleep:

My concern about sleep and its healing powers centered around my journey towards healing.

I was told that my melatonin levels were very low; that there was high electromagnetic activity in my home environment (tv in bedroom); that there was too much light coming into my bedroom; that I should be concerned about what I eat and when I eat before I go to bed.

I decided to work on these challenges – bought and installed beehive shades (darkened the bedroom and made me feel that I was in a cocoon, a cave, back in the womb?); I bought magnets and a clock which neutralized emf waves in my apartment; I used a great deal of essential oils (lavender, cedarwood especially on my pillows, sheets and sprayed in the room); was careful to eat no later than 8pm and ate quite a lot of fruits and veggies…

I also keep the mind and the spirit occupied with different and interesting projects, so that when I hit the sack, my mind meanders on the joy I have in doing the different projects, no matter what the challenges are and I can fall asleep within minutes. Needles to say that sleep has never been deeper, energizing, satisfying – no matter what the amount of sleep. I notice like clockwork the time I get up for physical activity or inspiration (my oblation hour is around 3.22 or 3.31 a.m)

Fatigue, Stress, and sleep are all important factors to managing your allergies. If you have trouble sleeping, place a priority on improving your seep.

How do you deal with sleep deprivation? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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