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Gluten Free Foods – Beef

by Allergy Guy

Beef is an excellent gluten free food, perfect for celiacs who may be anemic and need a source of dietary iron. It’s an excellent addition to a gluten free diet.

There are many cuts of beef, providing variety in the dishes you can make and the price you choose to pay.  Some of the cheaper but tougher cuts are excellent if cooked properly in a tenderizing way.  If you’re in a hurry or simply want to serve a deluxe gluten-free meal, there are some  higher-end cuts to choose from.

There are endless recipes for beef, providing endless inspiration for the basis of an very tasty gluten free meal.  Gluten allergy or a life-long gluten consumer, no one will feel they’re missing out with a fantastic beef-centric gluten free meal!

Beef has a great deal of flavor (unless poorly cooked) so if you find that your gluten free diet is bland and boring, including beef into the mix is one way to improve your enjoyment of food and nutriment at the same time.

Most beef you’ll find in the supermarket has been hung for under a week at an unvarying temperature.  However, the best beef is five or six weeks old and has undergone specific temperature fluctuations.  While the under-developed supermarket beef is bright red, properly aged meat becomes brown in colour.  Once again, marketing tells us the cheaper-to-produce food is better, when in fact what some see as unappetizing is actually the superior food.  By the time it has cooked, the colour will be just as good either way.

It is impossible to cover all the ins and outs of beef in one short article, so this one will provide the briefest of overviews.

Tender Beef Cuts

The most tender cuts come from muscles that haven’t worked too hard.  These are found at the top of the animal, along the middle of the back.  These cuts are ideal for BBQs, grilling and pan frying.  They are also the best for stir-fries, although tougher cuts can be used if cut very thinly.

Naturally, these are the most expensive cuts.

Cheap Beef Cuts

The muscles that work the hardest – in the neck, shoulders and lower legs, are the toughest.  That does not make them bad cuts.  Slow cooking for a long time makes them tender and tasty.  You have to make sure you go about it in the right way to get good results.

These cuts are generally leaner and have no shortage of taste.

Gluten Free Foods and Beef

Your gluten free diet will be nutritious and tasty with the addition of beef.  Cooking the beef appropriately for the cut is the key to success.

Do you include beef in your gluten free diet?  Leave a comment and share your successes and questions.

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