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Gluten Free Foods – Beans I

by Allergy Guy

Gluten free foods can include beans which are a great source of protein.  Beans are a great staple food if you are vegetarian and gluten free.

Beans are a versatile cooking ingredient.  They do not have a strong taste and tend to absorb the tastes of the ingredients they are cooked in.Some people have difficulty digesting beans.  If cooked properly, this is not a problem for many people.  However if you have a gluten allergy or are celiac, be aware that eating a lot of beans could cause some discomfort that can be confused with gluten allergy symptoms or celiac symptoms.

Beans are nutritious, supplying  fiber, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, folate and many B vitamins.

If you do not have the time to cook dried beans, canned beans is an alternative.  Dried beans are much cheaper and take less space in your cupboard.

Cooking Beans

Beans are best soaked over-night.  Throw out the water, then bring to a boil in fresh water.  Throw out the water at least once during the cooking process.  This helps make beans easier to digest.

Haricot Beans / Navy Beans

This is a versatile bean and easy to cook with.  It cooks fairly soft but keeps it’s shape.

Flageolet Beans

Navy beans that have been harvested before fully matured.  They can be eaten on their own or as part of another dish.


Navy beans, but a large white variety.  Some consider them to be the nicest bean of all.

Pinto Beans

An attractive looking bean used extensively in Mexican cooking, for example, refried beans

Kidney Beans

Commonly used in South-American cooking.  This is the type of bean used in chilli or chilli con carne.

I use it as an alternative to chick peas when making hummus.  They are great in casseroles.  They go extremely well with rice and tomatoes.  In fact, you could make a pretty good gluten-free meal out of navy beans, rice, tomatoes, fried onions and some herbs and spices, or a variation according to your taste.


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