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Gluten Free Foods – Beans II

by Allergy Guy

Beans offer a great range of gluten free cooking possibilities.  This article expands on part I of this subject. This article lists more types of beans and their unique characteristics.

Cannellini Beans

Cannellini beans originate from Argentina but have been widely adopted by Italian cuisine.  They are creamy-white and are slightly larger and fatter than white haricot beans.  They are also a bit more kidney-shaped.  They have a fluffy texture and are often added to minestrone, which can be made gluten-free, and other Italian soups.  They are also a key ingredient to tunna and bean salad (tonno e fagioli).


Also known as chana in India, or garbanzo beans, this is a versatile bean that is very useful in gluten-free cooking.  Simple chana pancakes can be made of chickpea flour (gram), salt, making powder, water and a bit of oil. It is also a key ingredient of hummus, which can be used as a spread or dip.

They are somewhat spherical in shape and have a creamy texture and nutty flavor.  They are an important ingredient for Indian vegetarian cooking, which makes a good basis for gluten free vegetarian meals.

If you want a smoother consistency to chickpea-based recipes, you can either remove the skin, which can be somewhat tough, or use a powerful blender such as a Vitamix to process them.  If you remove the skin, do so after they have been cooked and cooled.  This will remove valuable dietary fiber.

Black Beans

Black beans are small, kidney-shaped shiny beans with a sweetish flavor.  They are popular in African and Caribbean cooking and add a splash of colour to your cooking.

Black-Eyed Peas

Also known as Black-eyed beans or cow peas.  They are small beans with a creamy colour and a black spot on the side.  They are a staple in Creole and Cajun food and are also used in some Indian cooking.  Add them to soups and salads.  They are the bean to use for Hoppin’ John, a Southern US dish of rice, tomatoes, onions and black-eyed peas.


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