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Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies Review

by Allergy Guy

Don’t buy Lucy’s Gluten-Free Cookies until you have read this review – unless you are neither have a gluten allergy nor are celiac.

Lucy’s gluten free cookies are good.  They taste like oatmeal cookies.There is a good reason for that – they are made with oatmeal.

The problem with oatmeal as an ingredient in a gluten-free product, is that even the ‘certified gluten free oatmeal’ is not really gluten-free, at least not by some people’s estimation.

This gets into a grey area of gluten free oats.  It also depends on whether you are celiac or have a gluten allergy, or if you are avoiding gluten for some other reason.

At this point, I can not recommend oats to anyone with celiac disease.  If you have a gluten allergy, it is up to you to decide how sensitive you are to oat gluten, if at all.

My recommendation for Lucy’s cookies parallels the above paragraph.  If you have a low risk tolerance for oats, avoid Lucy’s.  If you feel oats aren’t a problem, then they are tasty, crunchy and hold together well.

What is your experience with Lucy’s gluten free cookies? Do you feel it is fair to label food containing oats as gluten-free? share your opinion and leave a comment.

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