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Gluten Free Oats

by Guest Writer

Many people who are gluten intolerant can tolerate oats, others can not. Most find that they can tolerate oats as long as they are truly gluten free. On the farm, the harvesting equipment used to harvest oats, can be used to harvest wheat. In the manufacturing process wheat and oats are also often cross contaminated. Gluten free oats, have no opportunity to cross contaminate with gluten.

Health Canada’s: Position on the Introduction of Oats to the Diet of Individuals Diagnosed with Celiac Disease (CD)

Certified gluten free oats, and products made with gluten free oats:

Creamhill Estates Gluten Free Oats

Bobs red mill Gluten Free Oats

No Nuttin Granola bars Made with Gluten Free Oats

Only you can decide what is safe, many people can tolerate a small amount of cross contamination that may occur with regular oats. The market for certified gluten free oats is growing so they are becoming easier to find.

By Karen Blue

Editor’s Note: There is debate about how safe oats are for celiacs – even if considered “gluten-free”. There are many types of gluten. They type found in oats is considered by some to be sufficiently different from wheat gluten to be safe for celiacs. Others disagree.

If you do not have celiac disease (for example, a gluten allergy), use your judgment. If you do, I suggest you avoid oats due to the far-reaching, and often initially silent effects of celiac disease.

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