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Gluten-Free Product Review: Enjoy Life Snack Bar

by Allergy Guy

Enjoy Life snack bars are neatly packaged, allergen-free, and convenient.

That’s the good news.

The trouble with them though, is that they seem to have been designed by food scientists, not cooks or bakers.

While the photo on the package looks appetizing, the bars themselves do not look like much of anything. And that is a good indication of the taste and texture as well.

Basically, this is highly processed food, its just a matter of using a different feed-stock from the usual allergens like wheat and milk.

They lack much of a taste, and while they don’t actually taste bad, they are a long way from tasting good.

What they lack in taste, they also lack in texture. They have a sort of uniform blandness to their texture. There is an attempt to alleviate this by adding something granular and slightly crunchy, but it doesn’t work. Never have I noticed a texture in food that I could say was out of place, until now. The texture baffles me, actually.

In short, I would summarize these bars as edible yes, but not worth eating. They lack taste and texture, leave me feeling unsatisfied, and smack of low-quality, over-processed ingredients.

You could eat them if you have to, but really, there are other snack possibilities out there, so why bother with these?

I’m sure the people who created these things don’t eat them, except when they are at work, and then only because they are paid to.

Enjoy Life Snack Bar Rating

Rating scale is from -3 (awful) through 0 (neutral) to +3 Excellent

Taste: 0 Not good, not bad either. One is enough.
Texture: -2 Over-processed. A mixture of bland and crunchy that is artificial.
Freshness N/A I don’t think the ingredients are of high enough quality to tell.
Packaging +2 Convenient individually wrapped bars. Packages are hard to open without scissors.
Environmental -2 Over-packaged.
Quality -2 Seems like inferior ingredients to me.
Value -2 A product this bland and unsatisfying (and full of sugar) isn’t worth much
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