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What Does Organic Mean?

by Allergy Guy

USDA-Organic-QuestionableNew rules proposed by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) will allow US-certified organic food to be adulterated with a list of 38 non-organic additives and other ingredients, including colours, starches and oils.

How organic is that?

Organic food is becoming big business. It is appearing in supermarkets all over the world. The problem could be that producing organic food on a large scale is well, inconvenient, and rather too expensive as well.

Food colouring is purely for marketing purposes, and is not required in food anyhow.

The use of starches generally indicates over-processed foods. What’s wrong with using organic minimally processed ingredients? If a manufacturer can’t do that, then they can’t produce credible organic food!

Oils are probably the most important of food ingredients when it comes to health. High-quality organic oils is necessary to good health, where as poorly processed non-organic oils are bad for you. Oil carries more toxins than other food ingredients as a general rule.

One wonders if there will eventually be a list of 38 pesticides an “organic” farmer can spray on their fields?


I think that organic food should be pure and free from pesticides and other toxins, be good for the environment when produced, and healthy when consumed. What do you think?

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1 Anonymous May 23, 2007 at 07:22


My daughter suffers multiple allergies. I would be grateful for any advice. Have unsympathetic Gp ho does not agree with alternatives to conventional medicine which also make my daughter ill


2 admin May 23, 2007 at 10:41

GPs not always best source for allergy advice

I’m sorry to hear about the problems your daughter is suffering from. How old is she? How serious are the allergies? Do you know what she is allergic to?

If your daughter’s allergies are not life-threatening, you have a lot more latitude to experiment than otherwise. If your daughter has serious symptoms, you will definitely need the support of an understanding doctor. Any chance of finding another GP? Younger doctors seem to be more open-minded than older doctors, although this is not necessarily the case, so don’t go by age alone.

If your daughter’s allergies are annoying but not serious health concerns (i.e. no lasting damage), consider some of the approaches mentioned in article such as self diagnosis, Tired After Eating Bread, and dust allergies. This site is growing, so look for more such articles in the future.

Your comment has inspired me to start an allergy professional help directory. Suggestions are welcome.

I hope that helps a little. Feel free to ask more questions. I hope other readers will contribute ideas to help you out as well.


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