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Kingston Restaurant Review: Dong Nai

by Allergy Guy

Dong Nai Vietnamese restaurant in Kingston, Ontario, is a great choice for gluten-free food.

The staff is very friendly and welcoming, the food is great, and there were a few positive surprises as well, so read on!

The menu has circles around many of the item numbers.  We assumed this to indicate that these dishes are spicy.  They actually indicate gluten free choices on the menu! This was a welcome surprise!

Vietnamese restaurants generally are a good choice for gluten free food, although there are many exceptions (including how the stock for pho is made at some establishments).  It is very reassuring to have so much attention paid to gluten free dishes, especially in your average pho restaurant.

We ordered a variety of dishes to share.  The server knew to bring fish sauce rather than peanut sauce (which has wheat-containing soy sauce added) to go with the salad rolls.  We also had a beef curry, a pork stir fry, and chicken with a coconut sauce.  We enjoyed all the dishes.

The biggest surprise of all was the fish sauce.  It s the best I’ve ever tasted.  It turns out the restaurant makes their own fish sauce.  Any restaurant that makes their own fish sauce is definitely on top of their ingredients!

Dong Nai is a great choice for gluten free food in Kingston.

575A Princess St, Kingston, Ontario

Do you have a gluten allergy or celiac disease?  What is your experience with the Dong Nai?  Please leave a comment.

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