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Phoenix Vietnamese Gluten Free Restaraunt Review

by Allergy Guy

The Phoenix Vietnamese restaurant has a typical Vietnamese/Chinese menu with a number of gluten-free options on it.

Because they have wheat-based foods as well, the chances of cross-contamination are there.  Depending on your comfort level, it is a fairly safe choice, probably as good as the average Vietnamese restaurant (pretty good but not perfect), above-average compared to a restaurant with “typical” Canadian food, and not as good a specialized restaurant where they really cater to individual customers such as the Queen Mother.

I ordered salad rolls (called cold rolls here) with pork and prawns, which consist of rice vermicelli and lettuce, rolled in rice paper, and grilled chicken on a bed of vermicelli.  It was pretty good, although I found the chicken a bit too salty got my taste.  Lots of people like lots of salt so I’m sure it has the right amount of salt for many people.

Service was quick and decent enough.  It’s a good choice if you’re in the area, but not worth crossing town for, there’s probably another Vietnamese restaurant just around the corner from where you already live which is just as good.

Have you eaten gluten-free at the Phoenix Vietnamese restaurant?  please leave a comment and share your experience and opinion.

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