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Shala-mar Indian Restaraunt Review

by Allergy Guy

Shala-mar Indian Restaurant is mostly gluten-free, but how is the quality of the food?

Indian food is usually a good choice for gluten free food, and Shala-mar is no exception. It also serves fantastic food. Actually, the quality of the food blew me away!Although Indian food should be gluten free (other than a few specific dishes such as samosas and bread), one never knows how the cook may decide to make the food, and some restaurants do not make proper Indian food as they add flour to some of the curries.  So I always ask when I visit a new Indian restaurant to make sure I don’t set off my gluten allergy symptoms (which affect me for three weeks – pure misery).

When I told the owner that some restaurants don’t make the food right and add flour, he scoffed, and rightly so.  This restaurant makes Indian food that is a real work of art.  The taste is magnificent, and I really think they make the food with love.

I feel perfectly safe eating here, knowing that the food is gluten-free.  And the quality of food is so good, it really is worth driving across town for (although for me it is just a short walk, lucky me!)

Have you eaten at the Shala-mar?  What was your experience?

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