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Wheat-free and Milk-free Diet for Children

by Allergy Guy

A wheat-free and milk-free diet for you child may seem challenging, but it has been done and does not have to be hard.

Brianna had to put her child on such a diet.  She has a great attitude, and worked out what her son could eat.  She wrote the following and I think you’ll find it a good start if you need to put your child on a wheat-free and milk-free diet.

Well I just found out that my 5 year old son has allergies to Wheat and Cow’s Milk. So the little on can not eat a lot of everyday item he is used to Snaking on or let alone eating.

For Breakfast we make Breakfast burritos- meat, eggs, and hot sauce (yes very little).

Lunch- he eats sandwich on tortillas. (Wrap’s) lunch meat, honey mustered tomatoes, lettuces, and etc.
Or chicken strips (grilled) with fries
Or hotdogs with buttered potatoes
Or rice with chicken; buttery sauce veggies

Dinners we have lots of item on are menu- chicken with veggies, and rice.
Or homemade chicken noodle soup
Or turkey meatballs and rice
Or chicken stir fry

Snack- fruit salad
Or smoothes
Or milk shake
Or candy

Don’t stop living just because you’re living with a Disorder. My 5 year would tell you he is fine and he love to eat. So coming up with new ideal for him is no problem. We have fun in the kitchen and were very much involved in are son everyday life. So again live with it or starve get your mind out the gutter because life is too short to worry about what you can have and enjoy what you can have…

Take a breath & enjoy life.

The key is to focus on what is on the ‘yes’ list rather than what is on the ‘no’ list.  Also, by making it fun, her child is involved and does not feel that a special diet is a chore.

Note that the above pretty much applies to a gluten free diet as well.

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1 amy September 26, 2012 at 18:30

thank you so much for posting this, my 4 year old son experiance some foul symptoms and we found that wheat and dairy are the cause(as far as we know) havent seen the pediatrician yet, still waiting. but we do the same kind of thing you do, look at the yes list!
im so excited that there is someone who we can relate to on this(dont get me wrong, not excited that they have allergies) but the whole outlook its great.
i find we eat much better and like you have a great time in the kitchen!
thanks for being kind and sharing your information
<3 amy and our beautiful kiddo


2 Allergy Guy September 26, 2012 at 19:38

Glad to be making a difference! It sure is nice to get your positive attitude pouring out of your comment 🙂


3 Allergy Guy April 23, 2012 at 18:26

Re hot dogs: they can be made with wheat, so be very careful when buying them! As with anything else, read ingredients carefully. Sausages have generally higher quality ingredients, but not always, and often have bread or wheat as filler. Lots of gluten-free options for sausages are available in my experience.


4 Brianna April 24, 2012 at 19:16

Well we use Turkey or Chicken hotdogs. as for the milk you can use soy milk, lactiad, or goat milk.

Lactiad is a great brand they have almost everything that you used in everyday life.. Cottage cheese, Ice cream, Egg nog, and etc. Also there milk last longer as well and it dosn’t taste nasty much like the other items I listed.


5 Allergy Guy April 23, 2012 at 18:24

Thanks for the helpful hints, Brianna.

What do you put in the milk shake instead of cow’s milk?


6 Brianna April 24, 2012 at 18:57

Thanks a lot I put Lactaid milk in it.


7 Allergy Guy April 24, 2012 at 20:04

As far as I know, Lactaid is cow’s milk with an enzyme added to pre-digest the lactose. This works great for anyone who can not digest lactose (a very common problem, especially among adults), but is not suitable for anyone who is actually allergic to cow’s milk. I see you’ve suggested some other types of non-cow milk for those who find Lactaid unsuitable. Thanks!


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