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Gluten Free Diet, How To Adjust

by Allergy Guy

Adjusting to a gluten free diet may seem challenging at first but it is easier than you think.  Here are some quick thoughts gluten free adjustments.

These gluten free thoughts were contributed by Agnes Mouroulis.  It is perfect if you have celiac disease or a gluten allergy.

Going on a gluten free diet has many challenges.  One is figuring out what you can eat, another is adjusting to new foods.

It is true that you have to get used to different food flavors, but in time this gets easier. I honestly don’t remember the flavor of wheat bread. I got used to my gluten free version.

As for cooking, if you imagine a menu of barbequed chicken, a baked potato and salad, it would make an excellent gluten free dish and you didn’t even need a specialized cookbook for the recipe.

And you can keep your old cookbook, because I found that I can make a great Gluten-Free Bechamel sauce, or bake an Upside Down Apricot Cake with gluten free flour, subsidized one to one. The same proportions as wheat flour.

And as for the cake, for example, I would defy anyone to say, whether it was made with wheat flour or gluten free flour.
So, good luck adjusting.

I agree with Agnes.  I’ve long forgotten the taste of wheat-based food and no longer miss it.

What are your experiences with adjusting to a gluten free diet?

Agnes Mouroulis
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