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Gluten-Free Snacks – Dried Fruit and Nuts

by Allergy Guy

I’m going on another trip, and as usual, bringing all my food with me.

In the past, I have brought a large bag of granola to supply wheat-free snacking requirements.

As far as celiac goes, there is debate as to whether oats are truly gluten-free and therefore safe, or not.

I am not celiac (according to two biopsy tests, but there is still room for error), so I am less worried about gluten and more worried about wheat. Or anything else that makes me feel lousy for that matter.

Be that as it may, I’ve never done well on oats. A little is fine, too much is not so fine.

Also, porridge seems to be more digestible than granola, the later being baked with no added water.

So this time I thought twice before bringing granola.

There is the health factor, and the time factor (I prefer my own home-made granola to store-bought any day).

This time I am bringing dried fruit and nuts for snacks.

This might be less filling, but I’ve noticed that when I go to seminars, I eat more snacks than when I am at home. This may be because the granola actually makes me hungrier.

An important point about mixing fruit and nuts: DON’T. Eat either one or the other, with half an hour delay between snack types.

It is very hard to digest fruit and nuts together. I never liked the combination myself, and recent reading I have done confirms that improper food combining is hard on the body.

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