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Gluten Free Diet Favorite Posts

by Allergy Guy

Gluten Free Diet

The gluten free diet is becoming ever more popular, and with good reason.  As more and more people discover they have a gluten allergy or are celiac, the idea of completely eliminating gluten from the diet is gaining ground.

Should everyone go gluten-free?  This is debatable. 

Certainly, anyone with celiac must avoid all gluten, in all forms, at all times.

To a lesser extent, the same goes for those with a gluten allergy.  You may be able to tolerate some gluten, or none at all, depending on your body.

It seems that there are many who do better without gluten, even if they don’t have a gluten allergy and aren’t celiac.

The book Eat Right 4 Your Type suggests that all people with type-O blood should avoid gluten as well.  To a large extent, this depends on how you feel.  If you are an O blood type and you find your energy sagging, trying a gluten-free diet is well worth checking out.

When it comes to following a gluten-free diet, here are some top articles on this site to look into:

Gluten-free diet

This article explains what a gluten free diet is, and why people follow it.  It also points out some of the pitfalls of the gluten-free diet.

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Gluten allergy

Having a gluten allergy is a big reason for avoiding gluten!  Many people need to learn more about this condition, and they read this article to help them understand this condition.

Read more about gluten allergy >>

Gluten allergy symptoms

Think you might be allergic to gluten, but you’re not sure?  This article tells you more about what to watch out for.

Read more about the Gluten allergy symptoms >>

Gluten and Cross-Reactivity

If you can’t eat gluten, there is a good chance there are other foods you can’t eat, especially the ones listed in this article.

Read more about the Gluten and Cross-Reactivity >>

Gluten free beer

You may feel the need to drown your sorrows, but watch what you drink!  Most beer has gluten in it, because almost all beer is made with wheat or $barely$.  Find out how you can drink beer without poisoning your self with gluten!

Read more about gluten free beer >>

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What are your favorite articles about gluten on this site, or on other websites?  Leave a gluten-related comment!

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