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Gluten, how to avoid it

by Allergy Guy

Avoiding gluten is the bane of the gluten-free diet, but it is not so hard once you learn how to go about it. There are several approaches that we’ll look at .

Here’s what we will cover in this article:

  • Gluten free shopping
  • Gluten free visiting
  • Eating out gluten free
  • Focus on gluten-free you can eat, rather than what to avoid

Avoiding gluten depends on two things: knowing what you can’t eat and knowing what you can eat.

Knowing what you can’t eat is depressing but necessary.  This is what keeps you safe.

Knowing what you can eat is how you feed yourself.  It really is a bright future because there is so much you can eat and more and more businesses are catering to gluten free all the time.

If you are just starting a gluten free diet, you may find it easier to shop and cook for yourself until your health stabilizes.  The key here is gluten free shopping.  Key things to remember are: most fresh ingredients are gluten free, so you’re fine with fresh meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and that sort of thing, as long as they have not been prepared in any way.  If they have, start asking questions.  Always read ingredients. See the gluten free shopping tips on this website for more details on gluten free shopping.

When you are visiting friends, you want to make sure that you are either an expert at avoiding gluten, or that your friends are.  If they are not, master your own gluten free kitchen first before visiting others.

When it comes to eating out gluten free you have several options.  There are gluten free restaurants popping up all over the place, so even if you are a gluten free novice, those places will provide a relaxing and safe place to eat.  Some restaurants with gluten free menus, especially chains, area pretty good bet as well.  Lastly, regular restaurants can be OK if you ask lots of questions, again master your own gluten free kitchen first before attempting your average restaurant, because you will have to cross-examine them to make sure they don’t poison you with gluten.

Do focus on gluten free foods you can eat.  If you just look at what you must avoid, it will feel like “no, no, no” all the time.  See Gluten Free Foods for Gluten Allergy and Celiac for a growing list of ideas.

How do you handling avoiding gluten?  Do you have any questions about it?  Please leave a comment.


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