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Peanut vs. Tree Nut

by Allergy Guy

According to studies, the most widely suffered food allergy in the West is to peanuts.

You may assume this includes other kinds of nuts, but a peanut is actually not a kind of nut.

Peanuts are a kind of legume and are closely related to soy beans, kidney beans, peas and lentils.

A tree nut is a kind of fruit, with a hard shell and relatively dry had hard inside.

Tree nut allergies can be as severe as peanut allergies, but are less common.

It is possible to be allergic to both peanuts and tree nuts, but this is not a given – they are entirely different types of allergy.

There does seem to be some correlation between peanut and tree nut allergies. No one knows why.

Children who have a peanut allergy are more likely to have other food allergies (including tree nuts). These allergies may last into adulthood.

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