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Gluten Free Foods – Vegetables – Garlic

by Allergy Guy

Garlic makes gluten free food fantastic!  It is healthy, tasty, and greatly augments your gluten free diet.

Some people are offended by the smell on the breath of others.  But if everyone is eating garlic, no one will notice!

And there is no doubt that your food will taste better with the liberal use of garlic, as long as it is combined with compatible foods and flavors.  As far as food combining goes, a gluten-free diet will not restrict you.

The flavor and strength of garlic does vary, according to size, where it was grown, and new crop vs. older garlic.  Usually, garlic is sold just as garlic, so it’s more luck of the draw, although you may get to recognize different types of garlic.  Certainly you can choose to go for smaller, stronger tasting bulbs, or larger milder ones.

Raw garlic has a much stronger taste than cooked.  If you want to use raw garlic, you’ll probably enjoy milder varieties.

You can add raw garlic to your cooking, or you can fry it first.  Fried in enough oil to cover the garlic when the pan is tilted yields beautifully deep-roasted nuggets of flavor.

You can roast entire bulbs of garlic without removing the skin, either in the oven, on the BBQ, or on the stove top if you have a gas stove.  This provides the most complex and interesting garlic flavor in my opinion.

Garlic bulbs should be firm and should not be sprouting (although you can, if pressed, eat sprouted garlic).  Look for bulbs with nicely filled out cloves and papery skins.  Garlic with a purple tinge in the skin is particularly good.

Garlic keeps well in a cool dry place.

Elephant Garlic

Often, large garlic bulbs are sold as ‘elephant garlic’, but true elephant garlic is actually not a true garlic, although it is part of the onion family.

It has a mild garlic flavor, which makes it ideal for use when raw.

Solo Garlic

This unusual garlic has just one clove per bulb, making it more like an onion in some ways, but with a garlic flavor.  This leads to a lot less pealing.  Being large, it has a mild flavor.

Wet/New Season Garlic

Look for this in late spring or early summer.  You can eat the skin, making it super-easy to prepare.

Garlic Shoots

Similar to chives.  Very good in stir fries.

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Share your experiences with garlic in gluten free cooking!

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