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Gluten Free Beer

by Allergy Guy

Drink responsibly!
Gluten free beer may sound strange, purists will even argue that gluten free beer, isn’t beer! That being said several manufactures have tried to market a beer for people who have celiac.

Despite some main stream beer brewing clubs not allowing gluten free beer, gluten free brewing clubs have formed. These clubs are enjoying the challenge of brewing a beer, with out gluten.

A few gluten free commercial beers:

La Messagere (Canada)

Dark Hills Brewery (USA)

Red bridge beer (USA)

Rampovallybrewery (USA)

Greens Gluten Free Beer (United Kingdom)

Silly Yaks Gluten Free Beer (Australian)

gfbeer (Australian) a variety of gluten free beer.

In general you can expect to pay a little more for gluten free beer. If your Beer Store does not carry gluten free beer they may be able to special order some for you. Some manufactures allow several parts per million of gluten, in their ingredient components, others have researched their cross contamination status of all their ingredients.

By Karen Blue

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