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Quinoa Allergy

by Allergy Guy

Quinoa allergy has been reported by many on this site. This article discusses quinoa allergy and alternative causes.

Most people who report a quinoa allergy report similar symptoms: cramps, intense stomach pains, gastrointestinal problems and the like.

While such symptoms could be caused by allergies, I would expect such allergic reactions to be rare. Also, there is a remarkable consistency in the symptoms, which is rare for a food allergy since allergy symptoms typically vary from person to person rather than from food to food.

One theory is that the quinoa was not washed properly. It is possible that toxins made by the plant to protect itself from insects could make you sick if not properly removed. Many people reporting symptoms had properly washed the quinoa. Also, you would expect the producer to take care of such issues since people don’t always follow instructions and the producers will likely do everything they can to prevent people from getting sick, otherwise their food won’t be very popular and they won’t sell much.

Another theory is that quinoa can have mold grow on it in certain weather conditions, which produce mycotoxin, which is as the name suggests toxic.

I don’t yet have a clear answer.

Please feel free to share your experiences, good or bad, with quinoa. Also, if you have further insight into why quinoa makes some people sick, feel free to share.


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1 wvshinn August 2, 2016 at 15:56

This past weekend I experienced an acute condition that scared me. I had chest tightening with some pain, difficulty with breathing and radiating pain up into the neck and back of head.

As I’m an elder RN and I expect the changes of longevity will be showing up as I get older, I have a BP cuff and assess daily. So I watched my BP which remained WNL throughout the day. Saturday and Sunday I experienced acute symptoms as described above.

Considering an allergy I realized I’d had large amount of quinoa on both days and the symptoms showed up within a few hours. So online I went and found many stories similar to mine.

The brand I used was a new one to me. And I’m wondering if crop location, preparation and packaging might be different with certain companies. This was an Ancient Harvest product. My intent is to share my story with Ancient Harvest and see if they have received similar stories.

Hope this information is helpful to others. I love quinoa. It is sad that now I have to avoid it.


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