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Food Allergy

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Food Allergies

Food allergies are a growing problem world-wide. There is no doubt that more people have food allergies. Also, people are more aware of allergies.

If have a kid allergy problem in your household, your child will likely outgrow the allergy. In the mean time, be very careful about what your child eats. A food allergy bracelet is probably a good idea for younger children that are unlikely to inform adults about their allergy.

It is possible to develop food allergies as an adult. About 2% of adults in the US have a food allergies.

Food Allergy Relief

There is no know cure for food allergies. If you have a reaction, you can relieve allergy symptoms.

OTC antihistamines can help to provide allergy relief.

A severe reaction may require prescribed allergy medicines.

Food Intolerance Kit

If you believe you have food allergies, you can use a food intolerance kit to test for allergies.

Other ways to test for allergies include a food intolerance blood test and a an allergy scratch (allergy scratch test).

Allergy Treatments

Immunotherapy has proven to be quite successful in treating allergies. This allergy treatment gradually increases the dose of allergen in a very controlled way, usually by injecting the allergen into the patient’s skin.

Food Allergy Bracelet

A food allergy bracelet is probably unnecessary for adults, but is probably a good idea for children who may not properly explain their condition to adults.

Food Allergy Prevention

Food allergy cause is not well understood. Avoiding excessive chemical load by eating organic food may help. Rotating your diet so as not to rely on just a few foods is also likely a good strategy.

Dog Food Allergies

Yes, canine allergies do exist. Like any animal, a dog can become allergic to food. Try changing brands of dog food, or use a higher-quality form of food. Dogs normally eat meat, so avoid dog food that uses cheap vegetable filler.

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