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Celiac Disease Myths

by Allergy Guy

There are many myths about celiac disease eliac disease is better known as more people learn about it and scientists study it. Here are ten celiac disease myths:

  1. Gluten doesn’t bother me so it is OK to eat it
  2. If it makes me sick it must contain gluten
  3. If it is gluten-free, then it is good for me
  4. It isn’t celiac because I don’t have chronic diarrhea
  5. I am too fat/too tall to have celiac disease
  6. Celiac disease is the same as gluten allergy is the same as wheat allergy
  7. I don’t have celiac disease because no-one else in my family has it
  8. I was born with celiac disease
  9. I can’t even touch something with gluten in in
  10. I will outgrow celiac disease
  11. Only Irish people get celiac disease

Some of these myths, such as being too fat or tall to have celiac, do have a reasonable basis for why people think this, even though they are not true. Others, such as “If it is gluten-free, then it is good for me” is just wishful thinking where as “If it makes me sick it must contain gluten” is an example of seeing everything too narrowly.

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