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Nut Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free Bakery Cookbook

by Allergy Guy

Baking without nuts, dairy and especially eggs can be a real challenge.  A new bakery cookbook will help solve this problem.

allergy-baking-cookbook-nut-free-egg-free-dairy-free The Divvies Bakery Cookbook by Lori Sandler recently crossed my desk.  It is thoughtfully organized into several sections to suit a variety of baking needs.

Certainly the photos don’t make you feel like you are missing anything by baking without diary, eggs or nuts.

The book starts out with common-sense advice for anyone with food sensitivities.  It includes how to avoid being contaminated in restaurants and in your own kitchen.  Besides constant vigilance and knowing what you’re supposed to avoid, the suggestions in this book are very useful in explaining exactly how to avoid small amounts of contaminants.

I like the organization, which is more along the lines of occasions than types of baking.  For example, there are sections on school snakes and baking for parties, rather than sections on cookies and cakes.

Note: the recipes are not suitable for a gluten free diet.  This is unfortunate as my gluten allergy prevented me from actually trying out the recipes.

Of course you can pick up your copy at Amazon, or your local bookstore if they’re savvy enough to have it in stock.

I hope you’ll try them out and let me know what they’re like.  Feel free to leave your comments about this book below!

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