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Is it OK to Cut Down Trees Near People With a Pollen Allergy?

by Allergy Guy


Is it OK to cut down trees for the sake of allergies?

A couple in Palo Alto, California, is having a dispute with the city about cutting trees next to their property. The couple wishes to remove the trees because (or so they say) they have allergies. The city is refusing the request.

The fact is that pollen carries an awfully long way on the wind. As sympathetic as I am towards people with allergies (I have allergies myself), I don’t see the point in cutting down trees on properties were the owners have allergies.

Looking at the big picture, environmental degradation surely plays a big part in allergies. Trees perform important functions in detoxifying air, removing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen. While tree pollen can make certain allergy sufferers miserable, cutting down every tree on the planet would be a big mistake. There are other problems to consider, such as global warming, toxic air, and an ugly environment.

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