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Mold Avoidance Tips

by Allergy Guy

Here are some mold avoidance, from one of our readers.  She’s been through it and her experience helpful to others with a mold allergy.

Here’s AngieB’s story and lots of helpful advice:

Hearing these stories (see Mold Free Diet) makes me finally feel like I am not alone! My allergies began as a young child, finding out I was allergic to Penicillin. As an adult, I found myself breaking out in hives whenever I would eat a tomato product. It finally clicked with me that every time I ate pasta or pizza I’d end up with a nasty case of the hives. Two visits to the med center were enough to send me to an allergist.

Once diagnosed, I went on a mold-free diet for a month. Yes, it’s a tough one to follow. I slowly re-introduced foods back into my diet. I did this one at a time, every other day or so. This way, I could tell if I had an allergic reaction. I also kept a food diary.

There are still many foods that I cannot eat but I learned a few tricks.

1. Make tomato sauce from scratch and use a pressure canning system at home. This lets you use only fresh tomatoes and it does not produce the bad mold in the commercial canning process. Avoid going out for pizza and pasta. Most restaurants that claim they use “homemade sauce” use a tomato paste and canned tomatoes. Homemade stuff is better than restaurant stuff anyhow!

2. Cook fresh food and eat it fresh. Leave the leftovers for your family or friends.
3. Avoid mold altogether. This is environmental as well as food-based. Use gloves when gardening. Never EVER power wash a deck or the siding on your house– a lot of that “stuff” on it is mold. Keep a dehumidifier in your basement if possible. Avoid mold growth in basements and bathrooms.
4. Be careful when you travel. A bland diet is better then not enjoying it because you have hives.

I got through it and you can, too. Realize that not every trigger is the same for everyone and you have to figure out what works for you.


Interesting that Angie noticed the connection between canned tomato products and her allergies.  Do you think they use the best, freshest tomatoes for canning?  Of course not!  They use all the bad ones that can’t be sold fresh.  You can bet some if not most are moldy!

Does this sound familiar? Share your story, leave a comment!

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