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Mold Allergy – Can You Smell It?

by Allergy Guy

Mold allergy problems are harder to pinpoint if you can’t smell the mold.  Some people can not smell mold, but it may still affect them.

If you have allergy symptoms that come and go, especially if they are seasonal but not related to pollen, this could be an indication of a mold allergy.

Keep in mind that mold people are exposed to mold no matter what the season.  This is because mold grows anywhere that isn’t too cold (above freezing) and is damp.

Every house has some place in it that is damp enough to grow mold.

Some houses, especially if they have a damp basement or major problems with the roof or walls, are big mold farms.  Such houses will make you sick – whether you have an allergy or not.

If you live in such a house, get out now!  Easier said than done I know, but the alternative is permanently bad health.

Can You Smell Mold?

Some people can smell mold, and others can’t.

I find this odd.  I can smell mold, and mostly it smells pretty bad.

There are advantages to not smelling mold.  It means that if you do live or work in a moldy environment, you won’t be bothered by the smell.

The advantage to being able to smell mold, especially if the smell offends you, is that you can protect your health by getting rid of the smell.

If you have a mold allergy, being able to smell mold is an advantage in two ways.

First, it allows you to avoid moldy places, and/or have the mold problem fixed.

Second, it helps you discover that you have a mold allergy in the first place.

Just because you have a mold allergy, does not mean to say that you necessarily know it.

If you can notice the smell of mold, you have the chance to notice that you have mold allergy symptoms some time after being exposed to mold.

The smell of mold is not nice, but if you can smell it, you have a big advantage.  You can protect your health and avoid triggering your mold allergy.

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