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Hummas – the secret to convenient wheat-free food on the move

by Allergy Guy

When I first discovered that I was allergic to wheat, it was a terrible blow. It seemed like there was nothing I could eat.

As I got used to it, and discovered more and more new foods I could eat, life got easier. Still, it seemed that the days where gone when I could go into a supermarket, and walk out with a convenient lunch I could eat right away.

Then I discovered hummus. I discovered that I can go into most supermarkets, and find rice crackers and a tub of hummus. This can be eaten right away, under almost any circumstances (for example en route, in the car), it keeps well, and is super-convenient.

The recipe for hummus is very simple, so often I make it myself. I just made some last night for a camping trip I will be leaving on as soon as I finish writing this. The ingredients keep well, so you can have them on-hand all the time, and then just make it up when you need it.

It is quick to make, and makes an ideal lunch for a day-hike or for the second lunch on a canoe trip.

I just posted my recipe for hummus:

Hummus Recipe

I hope you find it useful!

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